Projects that make people better

From the Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center to the Tergooi Ambulance Station. From De Klinkenberg to the Plus Ultra. Our designs give shape to healthcare, home healthcare, research, education and hospitality. Every project enriches the next one. Our team brings insight from environmental psychology, new material studies, landscape architecture, and sustainable innovation, all of which feed our ideas for buildings that make people better.

Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amphia Hospital

Breda, Netherlands

Hendrix Genetics Headquarters

Boxmeer, Netherlands

De Klinkenberg

Ede, Netherlands


Hilversum, Netherlands

Max Planck Institute

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Pleyade Residential Complex

Elst, Netherlands

HIC De Braamberg and De Langeberg

Arnhem and Nijmegen, Netherlands

Plus Ultra

Wageningen, Netherlands

Radboudumc Dentistry

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Tergooi Ambulance Station

Hilversum, Netherlands

EPR Partner

Nijmegen, Niederlande

Helix Research Building

Wageningen, Netherlands

’t Loug Care Homes

Delfzijl, Netherlands

Brains Unlimited Imaging Centre

Maastricht, Netherlands

Verbeeten Institute

Breda, Netherlands